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Corporate Training

Our upcoming training courses in 2024 will be held at SMU Academy and are funded by Singapore's SkillsFuture. Bespoke corporate workshops are available from February 2024. Playbook XP also conducts special marketing training for brands that want to learn more on how to enter the gaming space or esport ecosystem in their respective markets.


Partnering with creators and influencers formed the entry point for most brands seeking to leverage gaming as part of their marketing strategy. Influencer marketing campaigns continue to be a foundational marketing tool for brands, whether it be a standalone strategy or to act as support for other branded gaming solutions. Their ability to drive awareness, enhance a brand’s reputation, drive community engagement & even purchase decisions with a brand’s target audience continue to drive the popularity of this strategy for brands. Outside of ‘traditional’ influencer marketing, brands have the opportunity to leverage gaming talent with their large & engaged audience for an array of other digital & offline activations.

Events & Tournaments

Gaming and lifestyle events present a compelling opportunity for brands to connect with consumers. Existing or new IP, online or offline, large or intimate, these events are curated in such a way to deliver unique and immersive experiences for a diverse set of fans, celebrating gaming and popular culture. A brand’s product and positioning is authentically weaved into the narrative with tailored activations designed to allow the brand direct interaction with their target audience. Encouraging active participation from the audience and creation of a strong sense of community is fundamental to the success of the event and the brand’s involvement.

Original Video Series

Original gaming content spans a wide range of formats and topics. Everything from documentaries to news and entertainment series, they can offer compelling strategies for brands to get in on the action and reach an engaged audience. Here, brands can align with authenticity, gaining visibility through storytelling that resonates with a niche community or broad audience - it’s not just about the stereotypical ‘gamer’.

Virtual Worlds

Creating new virtual worlds and metaverse experiences, spanning both web2 and web3 can bring a brand to life. Whether it’s through branded mini games, experiences, performances or fan meet & greets, these spaces foster a sense of belonging and shared experiences for users. The dynamic evolution of these virtual worlds in the metaverse continually fuels excitement for brands, offering fun & innovative ways to connect with their target consumers.

Esports Partnerships

Esports continues to achieve considerable growth with millions of fans around the world. Team and tournament sponsorships serve as a dynamic catalyst for community building for brands. Esports fans are passionate and the sense of community strengthens as fans rally around their favourite team, players, and brand narratives. More than just logos on jerseys, brand sponsorships can integrate tailored content series, online & offline activations, licensing, joint product development & more. All designed in such a way to authentically engage with and delight the fans, whilst driving an increasingly favourable outcome for the brand.

IP Partnerships

IP and brand collaborations in gaming are designed to boost engagement and revenue opportunities. Leveraging the fanbase of all parties involved forms the basis of this win-win solution. Through these dynamic collaborations we can create exciting new content, immersive events & experiences, as well as highly desirable new products for fans to purchase. By intertwining brand narratives with gaming storylines, these partnerships engage audiences authentically and build memorable brand associations that can prove to be highly effective and valuable.

In-Game Advertising

In-game advertising embeds brands seamlessly within video games, connecting with engaged audiences through virtual billboards, branded items, and even “gamevertising” with the creation of new branded challenges, events or game modes. Leveraging the interactive nature of gaming, this strategy offers an organic and immersive way for brands to reach a diverse demographic, who are often highly engaged and focused on the game. This can be a cost effective approach to reaching a large audience with popular games reaching millions of players.

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