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Our Story

Playbook XP is a gaming & esports marketing consultancy run by actual gamers and industry insiders. 
We help brands to navigate the complex web of the gaming ecosystem with industry expertise and creative solutions. Our core services include Education & Training, Strategy Building, Creative Ideation & Execution of winning gaming activations. 

The video game industry isn't just a form of entertainment; it's a cultural phenomenon that has grown exponentially over the years. With more than 3 billion gamers worldwide it is a powerhouse of the global entertainment & media industry.  It continues to capture the attention of people of all demographics, in particular the youth. 


The industry was valued at an astonishing $184 billion for 2023, and it only continues to expand. This meteoric rise is driven by a perfect storm of technological advancements, accessible gaming platforms, and a passionate community of gamers who seek new adventures and challenges. But the real story lies in the untapped potential of this industry.


With such impressive numbers, it's no surprise that opportunities in the video game industry are limitless and should become a vital part of a brand’s marketing strategy.  In-game advertising, sponsorships and partnerships, creative storytelling and so much more await those brands who are willing to embrace the dynamic world of gaming. 


Are you ready to explore the boundless opportunities and endless adventures in gaming? Join us on this thrilling journey, where the only limit is your imagination. Let us help you ‘win’ the game! 

Finding the right advertising solutions for your brand in the gaming space is crucial, and that's where Our Approach comes in. We offer a brand-first approach, backed by data and research, to help you connect with your desired player communities. Our services span the entire gaming ecosystem with creativity and measurable results. Trust us to help you build a lasting impression on your target audience.

Our Approach

The Gaming Landscape

1.8 Billion

Active Gamers in the APAC Region


Of all gamers are mobile players

53% of all
gamers live


Data based on global 2023 data


Estimated Gamers in SEA

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