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Playbook XP is a Gaming
and Esports Marketing Consultancy.

Playbook XP helps brands navigate the complex web of the gaming and esports ecosystem with industry expertise and integrated solutions. 

By understanding more about your  brand's target consumers and business objectives we can work strategically to help your brand enter the gaming space successfully with a measurable outcome.

For Brands

Creativity is at the heart of what we do.  We aim to break new ground with the ever evolving gaming, esports and entertainment  communities. 


 Gamer Marketing People
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl

Our upcoming training courses in 2024 will be held at SMU Academy and are funded by Singapore's SkillsFuture. Bespoke corporate workshops are available from February 2024.


We show brands 
how to win in the APAC
gaming space.

We leverage the most powerful data sources and collaborate with a global network of specialist partners to deliver best in class consultancy and authentic, winning gaming campaigns.

Our Purpose:

That's right, there are over 3 billion gamers across the globe, spanning every demographic. This diverse audience includes not only the stereotypical teen player but also professionals, parents, and even seniors who have joined the gaming revolution.

Reaching 3 Billion Players

The rise of streaming on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and the booming popularity of esports have taken gaming to a whole new level. Livestreams, tournaments, and competitions draw massive audiences, creating fresh opportunities for brand engagement.

The Streaming Phenomenon

The video game industry has surged to become a $184 billion colossus in 2023, making it one of the most significant entertainment sectors worldwide. With exponential growth projected, the sky's the limit!

Est. Market Size:
184 Billion

Gamers are totally immersed in the game play experience. Spending hours each day enjoying this unique phenomenon that no other experience can match. Our consultancy services help brands find ways to connect to this audience in unique and authentic ways.

Most Engaged audience Ever

Video games are not just about shooting, racing cars or puzzles. They are epic sagas, immersive narratives, and interactive platforms that engage players on emotional and intellectual levels. Brands can now integrate their stories within these captivating experiences.


Gaming Overview:



We offer a range of consultancy services, including brand discovery workshops, landscape analysis, target audience analysis, competitor analysis, gaming solution analysis, and creative ideation. All to help craft an effective marketing strategy.


The pursuit of creative solutions is essential. We seek opportunities beyond the buzz words and push the boundaries armed with research, market knowledge, and imagination. Play and fun form the foundation of what we do best.

Ladder to Space


We deliver campaigns and experiences that authentically integrate your brand. By partnering with trusted and specialist vendors globally we can ensure that we meet the highest standards and deliver the most exciting campaigns and experiences for the
gaming fans.

Our Process

At Playbook XP, our simple process sets us apart. We always start with your objectives first then develop a strategy for deployment. We are not selling any one esports team, game, or list of KOLs so our options are always open.

Research and

Our consultancy begins by evaluating
your place in the current gaming space so we can identify game-changing opportunities. This ensures that your goals are aligned with our research findings, resulting in actionable insights.


We believe in the power of effective strategies ,validated by research and gaming experience. At Playbook XP,
we work with you to design a bespoke game plan that is tailored to your business needs first, not ours. 

Measurable Solutions

The success of most any project lies in the return on investment (ROI).  We provide comprehensive post-campaign reporting that enables you to monitor the progress of your campaigns and make informed decisions.

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